Thunder Bugs

Thunder bugs, thunder files, storm flies, thrips, Latin name: Thysanoptera – call them what you will – we all know how annoying they can be during the spring and summer, particularly in rural areas and at some stage a large number are likely to find their way under the glass of your favourite framed picture.

Although they do not actually cause any long term damage to the artwork itself they are unsightly and can look terrible, as the image illustrates.

Contrary to popular belief thunder flies find their way into the picture via the front of the frame, not the back, they then wiggle their way down between the glass and the moulding and up between the glass and the framed items, causing what can be a very unsightly mess.

Fortunately there is a way of dealing with this – ‘Bug Free Framing’ – and although there is a small extra charge as the sealing work is a little time consuming, it eliminates the problems altogether and ensures a bug free life for your art.

Please ask us about ‘Bug Free Framing’.

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